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Transform? Now, What?!

The most difficult part of my recovery journey was not the removal of the substances I had become reliant on. It was the redefining of myself within my everyday environment, how I interacted with it, and how I saw myself fitting into it.

I learned a great deal about the past situations that contributed to my poor coping in life like the traumas I endured and the ridicule from external sources. But what I didn't learn in the process, from the treatment protocols designated, was how to change things going forward.

Simply put, the removal of the chemicals and sitting in a room ruminating on the past wasn't going to cut it, for me. I needed to know the Now What, What’s Next. My environment was going to be exactly the same. There wasn't anything wrong with my home, my spouse, or my kids, the truth was that many things were remaining the same like my bills, my work, my social life.... how was I going to experience them differently? How was I going to interpret it in a fashion that removed my desire to rely on my conditioned ways of coping?

I saw this same issue in others as I began clinical practice. So, with every tactic and skillset that I found for myself, I wrote it down. I examined each one to its depth so that I could share it with a breadth that would assist many. With each one, I found that it supported the one prior and the one that would come after. I found a system that taught me and everyone I worked with (after):

· How to truly know yourself

· How to be responsive instead of reactive

· How the power of inquiry solves so much internal and relationship conflict

· How to utilize emotion regulation and appropriate self-soothing tactics

· What a balanced life looks like

· The amazing benefits that can be created in a time of pause

· The positive outcomes that come just by using an intuitive mindset

· The true need for distress tolerance

This was my ah-ha moment! This is what is missing from treatment protocols, it is what will reduce recidivism, it is what will foster recovery, not just halt the use of substances, processes, or behaviors that were negatively impacting a person’s life!

Naturally, I had to create something amazing, something so seamless, so inspiring, so uplifting that with each person who engaged in the process they were able to attain their desires without overwhelm, without extended time away from their lives, without needing to completely reconstruct their schedules.

And then Transform in 360 happened! It is EVERYTHING, EVERY tool, tactic, and practical application of behavior psychology I have used day in and day out for 8 years! It has elements that were researched, composed, and recorded for the new challenges that arose last year! It has all the support you could need LIVE, recorded, and digital!

Transform is for the NOW WHAT, WHAT’S NEXT in any recovery lifestyle need! You can be simply sober curious, you can desire harm reduction (reduce drinking to an acceptable level), you may want complete abstinence, you can choose a healthy relationship with food, you can opt to end binging, you can halt the all or nothing approach to life, you can develop spending discipline, you can stop putting anyone else in first position, honestly, Transform in 360 will do just that, transform any negative attachment or habit holding you hostage.

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Be Well!

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