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Positive, Productive, Passionate: My 3 Truths To Living In Recovery!

Before you read any further, I want to give you the tools that I use to live my life positive, productive, and passionate! They’re all simple and they’re all easily applicable! So, what are the three truth tools that make it easy for you to live the recovery lifestyle that you do, Tricia? I’m glad you asked!

1. I understand the physiological effects of what I put into my body.

2. I value my mental clarity, focus, and drive.

3. I live by my personal mantra ‘This is my life too! It gets to look, feel, and be however I want it to!”

These 3 truths and practices afford me a much more accepting perspective of my environment and give the same to you!

I get it I talk a lot about dietary practices. I talk a lot about removing alcohol and other chemical substances. I talk a lot about being derailed by things outside of ourselves that we cannot control.

The reason I do so is that it has proven in my life over and over again, to be an effective way to experience living in a fulfilling pleasant manageable, and effective fashion.

There is certainly a lot more to it. I mean I didn't take a 30 year plus journey through trauma addiction panic and anxiety because it was an easy process to undo. Lol! No, I was in that process for so long because these things were not obvious to me until I was in a position to hear, see, and internalize the facts.

It's Not A Small Decision - in fact, it's a scary decision - when we contemplate what life will look like, especially when we remove or let go of things we rely on to cope with self-soothing distraction.

This is why I am so passionate about sharing the bridge I have created! I have a passion to narrow the gap of living in attachment to living freely so that you don't have to wallow, dig, ruminate, and languish through all of the information, exploration, and education that I did.

This is not to say that I can make it a completely comfortable seamless journey for you; this is to say I can take you through the uncomfortable quicker. Creating the Learn to Live Free System and creating even more diversified courses and coaching options to fit every potential client was not random, but intentional!

Look, if you are sober-curious, if you are in that place that you know you have a problem with that specific something, if you are tired of overindulging because of emotional needs if you are tired of being foggy, unfocused, scattered, and if you are tired have beaten yourself up over personal accomplishments you have been unable to achieve… ask yourself ‘Why are you trying to do it alone?” ask yourself “Why would I not seek guidance from somebody who has already been there, who has already moved through and who has already found peace, comfort, joy, relief from inside themselves?”

If you’re still thinking about your answer, then that’s okay! But I know that these 3 practices and truths have allowed me to live positively, productively, and passionately in a persistent pursuit to experience living the way I desire! I want you to live your life that way too and you can! What would it mean if you made that change you’ve been desperately seeking for now?! Are you willing to spend the rest of your life doing the same thing over and over again continuously disappointed in yourself? Are you willing to move into your next chapter? It’s scary, but not as much as not moving at all!

So, what's your next step?

It could just be making your appointment to chat with me and find your right fit! You may just be thinking about your freedom and recovery, and you may not know exactly what courses you could take that would satisfy your need. But we can make a plan and find out that answer together!

Until Next Time!

Tricia P.

Your Recovery Lifestyle Coach

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