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Embracing Your Moments and Finding Your Voice!

The other day I set out to do my circle of errands. I thought to myself “I’ll use the time to grab photos for content”. Then, I said, “you know what, no, I’m not going to do that, I’m going to be present!”

Now, I was headed to the farm where we get our fresh fruits and vegetables every month and then to a medical appointment, about a 30 miles round trip circle from my home. I always opt to take the back roads or scenic route and I generally get some really cool photos, or so I thought! But that day because I did not snap pictures along the way I saw so many things I hadn’t before.

I saw farmers coming in from their morning chores no doubt to grab some grub. I saw the dogs hanging behind to continue their work gathering the goat, sheep, and cows, I saw ostrich, llama, alpaca, pony’s, and horses. I witnessed fields being plowed, planted, and harvested. I saw fields of flowers, corn, and produce I could not recognize. There was row after row of grapevines, vineyards, and amber hillsides. I went from horse property with ranch homes and barns, to vast open land, some with crops and others without. I saw ravines that may have been fault lines. I traveled through plots of land with small residential communities, emerged into quaint suburbs, back through olive farms and rustic event venues.

I honestly wish I would have sat down as soon as I returned home because I’m sure there are things I am forgetting. I felt so much on that drive. The sun and blue sky all around the tree-lined roads really framed a sense of connectivity for me. I am feeling extremely blessed that I can travel that route any day and get anywhere I need to be.

The realization: it’s best to witness what you want to see, hear, feel, and save the recording of it once you have. There is no doubt that I won’t go back through and take photos, but I’m glad I allowed myself the time for the emotional connection with my environment first.

Sometimes we have to just embrace and appreciate the moments we find ourselves in.

I didn’t get to this realization by chance. I learned the being one mindful tactic.

Here are two points:

1. You must adjust how you’re thinking

2. You must be willing to get effective and do what works.

This means being mindful and willing to evaluate how you handle yourself. Investigate how you hear. Develop the capacity to move into resolution and cultivate tactics of assertiveness that will serve every piece of your life and the relationships within it.

Look, here it gets pretty easy - if you invested in this process at all. What I found by the time I got to this space I was valuing my mental clarity, I was valuing my ability to perceive information in an effective light, I was valuing my capability to be effective in my life regardless of what challenge or piece of change that was in front of me – it was here where I found that I no longer had to be passively a bystander, I no longer needed to be in the audience, I didn't have to fight for my position in line, I didn't have to aggressively guard my realm, all I had to do was intuitively now that for myself, my thinking, thought processes, and motives were right for me.

I could be assertive in a manner that fostered understanding, acceptance, and respect in my life. I no longer felt obligated to do things that didn't work for me. I found my voice, I found my ability to just say no, to say “Wow, that sounds great for you, but I'm going to pass”. I found my voice, and I found through assertively remaining true to myself first, I will always be safe!

I want you to experience this same freedom that I did. I am here to help you find your voice.

Connecting with me is just as easy as clicking the link here!

I’m so excited to journey with you!

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