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Tricia Parido is a Master Coach, Recovery Lifestyle Speaker, and an Addiction Specialist. Helping individuals and organizations find the inspiration to aspire for ultimate life functioning.

"Hey, I'm Tricia! Founder of Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching. I'm a credentialed professional coach, recovery lifestyle speaker, counselor, and writer with a degree in Psychology who loves to help others get to their freedom with my real-life experiences and recovery life inspiration!"

My Passion

You are not defined by what you do! This is so much more than dropping your habit, your addiction! It’s all about you becoming the you that YOU want to see, feel, hear, and experience! This is after all your life too!

Mastering the Drop!

A Real View of Recovery. Authentic conversations about how real people navigate their kick-ass Recovery Lifestyle. Contrary to the world’s view, no two addictions look the same. Recovery isn’t any different. Don’t try to put yourself in someone else’s box but grow through your own journey and learn how to master the dropping of bad habits in a way that works for you!

Life Intervention

You know you’re stuck in a series of bad habits; you may even have a loved one that is tearing the family unit apart but you don’t know where to start or with whom. I’ll get you the right plan of attack to get life on track!


Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching is a place for the real issues to be addressed. Merging recovery into real life is a part of the journey most often left out of the process, NOT here! This is the primary focus, you as your best self, functioning with radical levels of emotional intelligence in the big world around you.

Recovery Lifestyle Speaker

Addiction and Recovery needs are far broader than society allows themselves to see. Treatment restrictions are creating the need for a deeper willingness to collaborate constructively with a multitude of providers. When we weave recovery together with effective life skills the aspirations become an attainable mission. I will show you how!


When it comes to your quality of living, I know how hard it can be to identify where to start! I also know you want to feel in control, have a plan, obtain useful tactics, and successfully create the life you desire because I have walked this journey too. 

The Method

The Building Milestones® Curriculum holds over a 95% success rate packed full of evidence-based practices converted into an awe-inspiring coaching model! A model which is offered in all my coaching, courses, and community aspects where we build your recovery lifestyle with the highest level of emotional intelligence. 

This IS your answer to cultivating impulse control, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, a true-life balance, and relationships that consist of unconditional positive regard.

Tricia Parido Personal Coaching Service here.




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