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You will gain:

  • Effective Life-Shifting Strategies for Life Maintainability

  • True Life Balance

  • Effective Impulse Control

  • Knowledge of Distress Tolerance

  • Efficient Emotion Regulation

  • Strengthened Relationship Stability


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Add, Edit, Delete! Living in True Genuineness

Self-help methods and treatment programs are everywhere! And boy is there a lot of great options out there for life improvement. Believe me, I know. But have you noticed how hard it is to fit your life into the full practice? Ever wonder if that one step you don’t do is the reason you aren’t getting the outcome you hoped for? Well, I have figured out exactly how to make any self-improvement tactic effective in your life! Let me show you how to productively make your life look, feel, and be however you want it to.


Are Your Habits Holding You Hostage?

10 Steps to Creating the Right Personal Discipline!

Are you looking to drop the habits that are controlling your days? Overboard shopping, emotional eating, deceitful drinking, people-pleasing, and any other sabotaging action keeping you in a defeated state of mind? I’m right there with you. In fact, I’ve been there! I was tired of trying to find that right (appropriate) time for a beer, I was tired of restricting myself after bingeing on ice cream or cookies, I was ever so tired of trying to justify my unnecessary purchases, I was just tired of it all, not to mention the fact that physiologically it had become quite impossible to go without. But I’ve done all the leg work for you! I have the 10 very significant, proven to be successful processes and ways of functioning that will allow you to shift the direction of your life without feeling guilty, selfish, punished, or restricted!


Broadening the Perceptions that Surround Addiction and Recovery

Addiction doesn’t only apply to the down and ill. Habits hold us, hostage, negative attachments rule our action. Compulsive needs are everywhere! Do you know how to identify the not so normal faces of addiction? If you take a moment to observe your repetitive behaviors, necessary processes, or to notice specific “needs” I think you will see that we all have them! The question really becomes do you control them? Do they feel involuntary? Or do they control you? Recovery is important to so many areas of life. We need to broaden the visual that appears when we hear the word. It is time for a social change movement to broaden these narrow perspectives, remove the stigma, and promote acceptance.


Personal Coaching Services

Want some personal time with me so you too can Dream, Aspire, and Attain Living Free with personal integrity and social confidence?

I’ve created some transformational treasures that I believe will change your life and give you a life of freedom! Dreaming of a calmness and a balance free from reactivity is amazing. I know how hard it is to know where to start, and how to make it stick!

If you want to live a healthy and whole life then I have something just for you, no matter what you are seeking.

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