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The Intentional Journey|Creating Opportunities for Your Life Goals!

Here’s a thought: I had this morning; ‘I am living free from negative attachments, I have control of my moments, I have created systems and processes that work well for me, so what is it I feel is missing or not quite complete?’

My mind keeps going to the things I want to get done, the projects that are in process, and what my calendar holds for the week. I see they all are right where they need to be and then it happened, I identified the missing piece; I have yet to create an appropriate place for the opportunities I have to create for myself. I have a vision, I have a list, but the systems and processes have not been integrated with the rest of them. They have been just arriving, spur of the moment, and coming together almost “willy nilly”.

Great news for me, I know what to do! Creating an action plan that contains my goals and aspirations with all the objectives to attain them called out, and placed in an effective order! There will be target and completion dates assigned to each item or task. Doing this exercise will afford me clarity and focus. Action planning removes scattered thoughts and the anxiety induced from pointless “future tripping”.

Step 1: Set aside time to list out those dreams.

Step 2: Make appointment times with yourself, on the calendar, blocked out as if it is a meeting with a client. One appointment for each aspiration so that you can seek a focused inspiration.

Step 3: Create a new and improved agenda at a pace that will foster attainment in a maintainable fashion.

Now I know that there are a lot of you out there saying “I don’t have time for my dreams and aspirations. I have kids home with school commitments, I have work at home to manage, I have daily activities and responsibilities that just don’t afford me the time to do anything but operate on auto-pilot.”

I get it. Times are different now. But guess what? That is not going to change any time soon. And what we called normal before will not return. Time does not work that way. It does not repeat itself.

Each moment is an opportunity for something new. It is completely up to you to fill them how you would prefer.

Look, change is challenging. But it is how we grow. It’s a fact!

If you keep doing things as you have always done them nothing will improve.

I lean into coaching groups and activities with professionals that have something I want! I believe everyone benefits from having a coach. Think about it, athletes, entrepreneurs, all the way through to people recovering from an injury, they all have a coach on their team.

My mantra: this is my life too, it can look, feel, be however I want it to!

This can become a reality for you also! I have done all the leg work for you. I can show you how to live for yourself first, free from negative attachments, people-pleasing codependency, and impulsivity. All without feeling guilty, selfish, punished, or restricted.

I am here for you! Do you want to begin to live the life you deserve? Are you ready to take your dreams to inspired aspirations you can attain with maintainability!

Visit my services tab above and we can get started. Don’t worry, there is a perfect fit for you!

Tricia P.

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