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Healthy Living

Let’s do some healthy living together!


Here, I’m going to share with you some healthy tips and practices that I know have worked because I have used them in my life.

Without a healthy life, we can’t be all that we could be. We can obtain the life we deserve, and we deserve this.

So, come join me on the journey!


Balance Give Your Dreams The
Autonomy To Exist

Whatever your dream is, if you don’t get specific you won’t know your ‘why’. What would it mean if you didn’t attain this dream? What would it mean if you did attain it? How would it change your life? If you find out the answers to these questions then you’ll find it easier to make a plan to allow your dreams to manifest! Are you ready to dream, aspire, and attain? Sign up now for Dream, Aspire, Attain and you’ll finally manifest your dreams! 

What The Proper Fuel WONT Do For You

So, what is this all really about for me, personally and professionally?

Did you know you can have the proper fuel, but it just might not be working well with your body? Yep, that’s right! 

Body inflammation, bloating, and leaky gut are all associated with what we put into our bodies. These things also are all associated with our body image, self-esteem, and feelings of wellness. Shopping and cooking are stressors for a lot of us and emotional eating is a battle. Using Whole Foods without all of those words you can’t pronounce on the label drastically reduce the physical aspects. This leads to higher levels of mental clarity, energy, and stamina. But we can simply reduce stress by eating simple meals that we understand exactly what we’re eating and organized shopping lists! All of which fosters proper digestion and an absence of overindulgence! I could go on for hours I’m sure... so today I’ll just leave you with this! 
You wouldn’t put latex paint in your gas tank and expect your car to run well... so don’t expect your body to be any different! Use premium fuel, your body is the only vessel you will ever have!

Lets Connect Some Dots

Thank you for joining me here in my healthy living space! It's time to take a stand. So we are going to be shifting together because, in correlation with our mental health, we can create so much healing when we give ourselves grace and fuel our bodies, minds, and spirit properly. 

We can decrease stress, anxiety, mental fog, post-acute withdrawal symptoms, personal pressure, weight fluctuation, physical inflammation, autoimmune responses or flares, and so much more.

Let's do it together!
Take a listen.

Seek Inspiration

Even the most successful people have coaches and mentors.


Look, even if you are going through your days and everything is smooth sailing there is always an opportunity for growth, aspiration, and dreams! Perhaps taking a moment to ask yourself what is keeping you from doing so is a good place to start. And I don't mean let's look for a reason to be dissatisfied with life. I mean this with the intention of not settling with the status quo.
My life is amazing yet it is in constant motion. I find it invigorating to mix things up, rearrange things, meet new people, speak to a completely unique group of people, and so on. But there are those times that I get kind of stuck, it's like not knowing how I want to take the first stroke on the blank canvas. so, i seek inspiration. And when doing so - I typically reach out to a trusted advisor! 

I think we all could benefit from having at least one!

Find the Route That Works For You

Friends, time out for the “NEW HOT TREND!” You have to be extremely purposeful and intentional and finding the route that works for you! No need to compare, your journey to a healthier you is different.

We change grow and morph every day! Our lifestyle needs to pivot with us!

Taking the time to observe, review, and create personal intrigue around yourself is an effective process to engage in. The fact is that what works for someone else may not work for you at all! Think about it; if a "fad diet" is getting all the rave reviews do you notice synergies among those that are getting those results? What about those who didn't get the results the masses did? Listen, your body responds and performs in a way that is unique only to you. This means it makes complete sense that your life balance and all of the categories that make it complete are specific to you! Why would you compare it or borrow from someone else?


Here’s your lesson: try to find the route that works best for you, take your time, and explore!

Once you find what works best for you, not what’s comfortable, practice your add, edit, and delete. Honor your body, so you find the right rhythm for you!

Cost vs Benefit

We go through our days without considering consequences. 

What I mean by this is we really don't put any significant thought process into how our thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, or beliefs affect us.

By taking time to investigate, run through a cost vs. benefit process, and through having determination we can truly improve the quality of our health.

Consider How YOU Want To Experience Every Situation

Ever Heard of the Art of Pause? It’s an interesting technique that I aim to use daily, to keep myself from the overwhelm! Pausing provides the room we need to generate a buffer between how we want to see, hear, and feel about something and what our standard conditioned way of being is. What we really want to instigate here is using the Art of Pause to its fullest capacity. We want to create a higher intellect, better communication, and an empowered internal belief system (i.e.) to:


· Recognize our emotions and not get overwhelmed.

· Connect in challenging situations.

· Resolve conflicts positively, with confidence.

· Quickly reduce stress, immediately, in a variety of settings.

· Connect emotionally with people, without talking.


The cool thing here is that we honestly get to choose. We get to make a conscious decision to see more than an emotional reaction or impulse to take things on. Do you like cringing when you react too quickly and give your fast snapbacks and verbal vomits or do you want to be aware of what you say before you say it? It definitely makes being understood in a situation more effective.


So, consider how YOU want to experience every situation! Check out this new Healthy Living about the practical tactics that you can use every day.


You’ll experience living and living freely!

Staying Focused On The Task At Hand

Enjoying your journey looks like, mastering every step and every level! Despite what it’s glamorized as! Your success is not in making it to the end of your journey, success lies in mastering every moment in your journey! We have to be able to focus on each step. Don’t miss a moment because you’re worried about getting to the promised place at the end of your path. To move effectively from one place to another, we need to fully learn the moment we are currently in. We learn from every level we’re in so that we can master our next one. Learn and focus on how to recognize and become aware of what worked and what didn’t work, what can be done better, what wasn’t done so well. So, the next time you face an obstacle or a step on your path you can master it well and move on to the next level, not worried about your future.

Master your moments!

You can do it!

7-Day Food Mood Challenge

7-Day Food Mood Challenge

Are you ready to become whole and healthy this year?!

It’s time to start living healthy! The first half of this quarter let’s focus our sights on our wholeness! This week, in Healthy Living we are starting the 7-Day Food Mood Challenge! It’s time out for emotional eating, we have to start realizing what happens to our mind and body when we eat the foods that we eat!

Why do you need this?! Because anytime we’re on a life improvement journey, we have to look at as many aspects of our lives as possible. What contributes to the forward motion and momentum of our mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical stamina? FOOD! So, for 7 days, journey with me as we have some fun tracking our fuel and learn what foods best improve our lives!

Follow along with us and take the challenge on my IG and Facebook page and get your free downloadable 7-Day Food and Mood Journal from the link above.

Are you ready?

Let’s get healthy!

What’s In Your Environment

What’s In Your Environment

Did you know that our environments have a lot of input and affect our mood, attitude, and perspective? 

Different spaces can elevate or deflate our mood. Whatever we put in our space affects us and how we feel. The next time you find yourself in a common space, ask yourself this question. “How do I feel when I’m in this space?”. Observe your demeanor, attitude, rigidity, or calmness when in a certain space. Note them and then and make the changes needed to make it a more fulfilling environment for you!

For me anything rigid, square, or boxy, makes me feel stuck and restricted. But shapes and colors that are freer flowing and rustic make me feel free, soft, pliable, bendable, and movable!

It’s time to live your life inspired and attaining the things that you dream of, that you deserve! Your environment holds a lot of weight into how that comes to be. So, if you don’t find that your spaces bring you clarity or harmony within you, make some changes.

Get To Know You

Get To Know You

There are very specific categories that generate a sense of well-being when they are given proper attention. In short, we always want to be healthy emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually. I personally spent a great deal of time cultivating how I needed to experience each one and let me tell you the results, well they have been priceless! I can now determine what I need to focus on to increase my feelings of well-being at all times. 

Investigating Our Fueling Practice

Investigating Our Fueling Practice

Taking the time to examine and modifying your dietary practices to foster not only improved physical performance but to feed the mind for emotional stability is the best gift ever. This doesn't mean start a diet and track the results. This means spending time getting to know your body and your mind, how well they function with certain fuels, and even what combination produces your optimal levels of functioning. I don't know about you, but I absolutely prefer experiencing mental clarity, emotional stability, and stamina.

Daily Routine

Daily Routine

Giving yourself attention during the day to properly close up activities and experiences is critical to situations such as; reducing stress, managing emotional fatigue, and combating feelings of disregard. But unless we are willing to get off of the auto-pilot highway and start creating an effective pace we will continue to have the same results. Look, I get it. Routines are cumbersome. But unless we put down the resistance to change and start to incorporate effective living skills we will never truly know who we are or experience true balance.

Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts

In order to take control and get effective in any healthy living journey we must first make an effort to locate and quiet the intrusive thoughts, those mental reels playing over and over, those things we seem to ruminate over and wallow in. Yes, the negative internal dialogue, it is holding us back from attaining those things we aspire to experience, and I mean anything from a physical goal, a personal goal, or a professional goal. So let's just all start here and identify what our intrusive thoughts are and where they were instigated.

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