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Finding Your 'How' Looks Like…

Did you find it?

Let me back up a bit. Can you with certainty state where you want to be? Have you uncovered what you need to drop and what you need to incorporate? If not, ask yourself if you have been able to find your ‘why’. Did you take the time to look at what it will mean to you if you don’t figure out how to get to your ‘where’? How about if you do?

Look I’m not trying to talk in circles here. But the bottom line is you have to know why your ‘where’ and ‘what’ are important to you! Not what it will mean for others, not how you will be perceived by others, and certainly not how it will benefit others. JUST YOU!

How about a little review before we move on to igniting your esteem, your ‘how’.

· Ask yourself to honestly answer the question “why do I do what I do?”

· Is your social persona reflective of how you believe others need to receive you or is it driven by how you want to see yourself experiencing your environment?

· Are you wants truly your own?

· Is your where specific?

· What emotions are attached to what you want and where you think you want to be?

Confidence and Internal Belief are critical! If we are going to create a pathway, a completely new outlook or approach so we can end the consistent loop of doing the same thing over and over again. We expect a different result one, driven by what and how we think others need to change, how our environment needs to change, and one driven by how our world needs to change. But, it’s in fact us that need to change the way we see, feel, hear, engage and experience our approach to living.

An exercise I love to do personally and professionally is the “I believe_______” exercise. Now of course there are big things to discuss debunk or validate in the process, but what you can attain through the journey is a pathway to molding your how. You learn so much about yourself, where you are headed, what your desired outcome is, and why it is important to you and you first!!

Your challenge this week, ask yourself these questions and find out your what, where and you’re one step closer to finding out your how!

Invest in yourself and shop our resources and tools here and book your appointment now!

Until Next Time!

Tricia P.

Your Recovery Lifestyle Coach

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