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As Ourselves, For Ourselves: The Importance Of Showing Up In Authenticity

Who are you?

Who do you want others to know you to be?

Those definitions are all in your hands and no one else’s. Being able to show up for ourselves every day as can be a huge challenge. There are so many things that we view as pressures, as expectations, as guiding forces on what we think we need to be, ought to be, or should be. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I mean if we think about it there are a lot of programs for mindset, there are a lot of programs for resilience, there are a lot of programs for addiction and recovery. I belong to a lot of network groups that are filled with coaches sharing and teaching their methods, their approaches to an array of topics; business coaching, creating your message as a coach coaching, financial coaching, the list is endless. The list is also amazing. The problem that I am hearing and have faced myself is how do you know which guru or professional to follow? How do you know who's course is going to meet your needs? Because let's face it, there's a whole lot of folks out there that also specialize in marketing, sales, and coaching you how to present yourself and to attract the right people.

Now don't get me wrong! I have my sphere of coaches that I follow, that I support, that I network with, and who I rely on to help maintain a growing and open mindset. I have also made some bad choices. A few years back I felt like I needed to listen to a few business accelerators coaches, to engage and work with, only to find that it didn't end in some magical solution. Something that if I'm being honest with myself, I suspect would be the outcome, to begin with. Nonetheless, I was willing to take the risk. Why? because they had amazing marketing that told me exactly what I needed to hear.

So, where am I going with this? What is the purpose of me writing this?

I've come to a place where I feel like it is extremely important to own every piece of who I am, how I got here, how I create the work that I do, the fact that I'm in the work all day every day myself also, and that I don't have a fancy photographer, I don't have a recording studio, I don't work with magic lighting, I don't have a makeup artist, and I don't have a wardrobe consultant. I am just me. I do have a branding team that takes all my photos, videos, coaching content, and written materials make them appealing, and presents them to my audiences/clientele in an organized and meaningful fashion. Outside of that everything else about what I do, how I teach, and who I coach, comes from within me. It is an organic, natural, transparent, authentic, and concrete relationship. All of which, that is created, that is provided, that I live personally and professionally every single day.

I found a depth in my clarity a year ago that I was not expecting. I am completely clear about it and I want to share exactly what makes my practice unique and special. And that is me, every traumatic to invigorating lived experience throughout my 50 years blended with my in-depth study, education, and passion to learn how to guide, teach, and coach people. This unique collaboration allowed me to help my clients create the reality they desperately desire for themselves.

With that said, going forward the blogs might look different; the memes will still be gorgeous and uplifting, the webinars, the podcasts, and any new material recorded and presented for you and to you, will continue to be presented and created from deep within my heart. My personal work, my journey, my passion will continually be the best version of myself and I’ll always share my findings with others. What it will not be is shallow, it won't be ‘salesy’, it won't be anything other than informative. I want to help you if you want me to help you, nothing more nothing less. I want to show people how to remove the pressure-filled ‘should statements’. You know the ones, the ones that try to measure you up to some unknown entity, some image of something somebody made up to be the ideal? My motivation and intent are always to give you the tools you need, that work best for you, to let it all go, step back, get a good vision, a good clear vision, gain clarity, and learn how you can show up for yourself as yourself. The person that emerges, will be your true genuine authentic self; without feeling guilty, selfish, punished, or restricted. And certainly, without feeling held hostage by any habit, chemical, process, or behavior.

If that's not for you I get it, we all need to work with somebody who speaks our language. If we're not speaking the same language, the lessons won't be learned, the growth won't happen, and change will never be realized.

If this is for you and by reading this blog you can hear the same language that you use or that you know you want to grow into; then I am so excited to start the journey of authenticity with you!

Let’s connect! Just go back to the top and click on the service tab!

You deserve to live the life you want, free!

Tricia P.

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