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Living In My Intuition




1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

2. a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Living in my intuition was a journey of self-exploration that may not be as easy to explain or to illustrate as I would hope, but I'm going to give it a really good try here because it's honestly a very pivotal place of my recovery journey and in the process of creating this recovery lifestyle that is so effective so fulfilling so rewarding and so powerful. In the effort to get you caught up with where I want to be in this conversation, I want to bring awareness to the emotional mind and the rational logical mind.

Most people who find themselves seeking relief, comfort, peace, joy, and an altered state, if you will, are operating primarily in their emotional mind. This is where reactivity lives, this is where heightened behaviors reside, and this is where what we call feelings come to life.

The rational logical mind is for those who have this deep-seated need to be right, to be in charge, to be in control, to be heard, to be valued by anything and everything around them and they generally are willing to move right over into that emotional mind and fight for it at just about any cost.

What I found on my recovery journey was that people who had been in and around a therapeutic environment for any amount of time seemed to constantly be talking about this wise mind and how they wanted to operate from this place. Now wise mind stems greatly from mindfulness-based practices primarily Buddhism. I had never heard this term so as I was listening, learning, and observing I saw what it meant for others but still had a hard time grasping what it would mean to me and for me in my life.

Of course, this set me out on a journey for deeper understanding and comprehension. So here you go. What is added to our mind states ‘to find one’s wise mind is intuition!’ A feeling of knowing what’s right, a felt sense, a sense that some people feel in their body, personally I feel it in my gut (head, heart, stomach, or somewhere else) that something is just right, the right thing to do or the right way for things to be.

You should know also that the ladder goes equally to those things that are NOT right.

Let me get back to the original topic at hand! How I Live In My Intuition. This is a multi-layered and multi-textured stance for me! It took some serious cultivation time but here are the nuts and bolts.

1. I make sure to focus on my whole health! This means knowing myself deeply in each of these health areas: intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, emotional, environmental.

2. I approach life in the stance of a learner using inquiry for deeper understanding.

3. I process, contemplate, anticipate, and formulate all responses, actions, and potential outcomes.

4. I investigate for personal motives. Mine or others.

5. I always do all the above in line with my morals, ethical beliefs, and personal integrity in the first position.

Please, don't get me wrong! Gaining insight into my intuition and taking control of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and beliefs did not come simply because I learned this particular practice! It was however most certainly one of the most significant lessons I have learned in life.

But, I had to dig in and compile a gamete of skillsets and tactics that would generate the strength and capability necessary to make living through my internal drive a lifelong, manageable, and maintain attainment!

Would you like to practice and dive deeper into living in your intuition?!

Make your consultation now and we can chat!

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